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Prison corporals tie the knot at Country Pines

Alexis and Josh get married It was an unusual way for the officiant to start a wedding at the popular wedding venue Country Pines west of Lincoln. He said the couple met in prison. The audience laughed.

However, it’s not what you might think. Josh and Alexis were not prisoners but rather corporals at the state penitentiary in Lincoln. It’s not the typical meeting place, but for Josh and Alexis, it was perfect.

After a period of dating, they knew that they wanted to marry each other. One day Josh got on one knee and pulled out a ring box with money inside. He said “let’s go pick out your ring.”

The two got married on a beautiful Friday in September at Country Pines, a popular wedding venue in Lincoln. Alexis described her wedding as simple, small and elegant. The weather was perfect, and Country Pines put on the event beautifully.

The bride and groom shared a touching first dance, and the bride shared a moment with her father during their dance. The groom and his mother entertained with an upbeat dance that was out of the norm of the typical mother-son dance.

Alexis says her favorite moment of the day was when her father requested a second father-daughter dance toward the end of the evening. She says that because her father was not in her life while growing up, the fact that he was there for her on her wedding day and that he requested a second dance meant the world to her.

The advice Alexis gives to future brides is this: “People will show you their true colors around your wedding and it’s when you learn who really wants to be there for you and who doesn’t.”



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