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Where to take your senior photos

Senior girl and her puppy

Claire finds a spot at Wilderness Park for her senior photos.

Most if not all high school seniors have their photos taken. It is tradition to get those senior photos. It’s also fun.

The challenge exists on where to take the photos. There’s some typical places where a lot of seniors like to go in Lincoln. Places like Pioneers Park and Sunken Gardens. But sometimes you might just want to be a little different and have photos that don’t look like every else’s.

That’s why I like to find new and different places. The problem is that I don’t have the time to get out and search for these places, so I often try to rely on the judgment of the senior whose photos are being taken.

Case in point was one of my last senior sessions with Claire. She had a place in mind at Wilderness Park. If you’ve been to Wilderness Park, you know it is huge. I’ve been to Wilderness Park many times but only to one particular area. There are areas that I didn’t even know existed. One of these areas is where I was to meet Claire. It was a place completely different than the Wilderness Park I knew. However, we got some great photos in the beauty of nature.

Another spot was at an old abandoned house that Claire knew about. You never know what you’re getting when you go to someplace like this, but we found some rustic-looking parts of this house that made fabulous backdrops for photos. Plus it was a perfect fit for Claire’s personality.

So as senior photo season continues into the fall, I encourage those being photographed to think outside of the box to get some unique looking photos different from their classmates. I think they’ll be glad when they get their senior pictures back that they chose some different settings.

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