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Research shows that brides who opt not to do video later wish they had. Think about it. You spend so much money on your wedding, why would you not want a living memory of it? The day goes by so fast and much of it is a blur. There is a lot of action that brides and grooms will never see. That’s why today’s brides and grooms should not skip hiring a professional videographer.

Videography packages range from the simple and sweet to the more advanced cinematography that gives you a movie of your day. We use multiple cameras to get your ceremony from different angles and microphones to pick up the audio of your vows perfectly. We use sliders for cool looks and stabilizers to prevent shaky footage. We tape the fun of your reception. We can provide a love story video and a photo slide show for you to play at your reception. Afterward, we do precision editing to give you a perfect remembrance.

You will be so excited when you get your final product. Videography will allow you to relive your wedding memories for years to come. Don’t be among those couples who decide to skip it only to wish later they had done it.

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“Lori is very easy to work with. She wants to know what you want and will give you her best. If you look at the photos she took for different couples, you can tell they all have Lori's style, but also reflect who the couples are. There are personalities in those photos. I love the photos Lori took for us. :)

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