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Client profile: Christy and David

Christy and DavidWorking with and getting to know clients is one of the best parts of being a photographer and videographer for Moments in Time Images. Two clients in particular this year struck me as having a very interesting story. I decided to share it in my blog.

This is a story of Christy Taylor and David Misztal. Christy is from Omaha and David is from Australia, and they got together in a fascinating way.

Christy was in Athens, Greece from December 2008 to the end of July 2018, working in a faith-based refugee ministry called Helping Hands. As part of this work, she served meals, gave clothing, held a weekly community day and conducted Bible studies with refugees who were interested.

“I was a social worker in the states with a desire to serve others in practical ways, along with sharing the good news about Jesus with those who are from places in the world in which it’s difficult or dangerous to share about Jesus,” Christy says.

She chose Helping Hands because it provided a way to combine physical and spiritual work, but her plan was to stay two years. She was so interested in her work that she stayed 10.

“I loved being able to bring joy to the Afghan women, give them dignity by listening to their stories and give them hope by praying for their difficulties,” she said. “The biggest joy of my week was helping to lead a Bible study for Afghan women who had started following Jesus.”

Christy and David met online and soon found themselves Skyping for several hours a week. After a year, David, who was a pastor in Sydney, Australia, took a two-month sabbatical to come to Athens to volunteer along side Christy. They started dating and the relationship turned serious quickly.

Soon Christy went to Australia to meet David’s family and see his world. While there she heard refugees speaking Farsi and she realized she could continue to work with Afghan refugees in Australia if their relationship progressed.

The couple prayed together about the possibility of Christy serving Farsi-speaking refugees alongside him and his church in Sydney. In Christmas 2017 the two went to Omaha to see her family, and David proposed on January 3 of this year.

They planned their wedding from three continents, and got married August 18. They moved to Australia, where they plan to serve their local church and refugees.





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