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Camera gear display showing bodies and lensesMake sure your photographer has backup gear

Here is why it’s important for your photographer to have backup gear.

If your photographer comes to your wedding with just one camera, you might want to be a little concerned.

Most photographers know that it is very important to have backup gear. The importance of this is this: if a piece of equipment malfunctions, you have a replacement.

Imagine the badness of going to a wedding with one piece of equipment then finding that piece of equipment isn’t working. What is a photographer to do? With a backup camera or two, it’s not a big issue.

Likewise, you might want to ask your photographer if he or she uses two media cards in the camera. Both cards record the same images, but it’s advisable to have two cards in case one gets corrupted.

Corrupted cards do happen, and it has happened to me. You take photos and then you can’t get those photos to materialize on your computer. Luckily in my case, I had the same images recorded on two cards and the other one worked. It’s highly unlikely that both cards will fail, but on occasion a card does become corrupted and all the photos on it are unusable. So photographers should always use two cards.

Backup gear is another matter. I remember when I had an equipment malfunction. In this case it was my light setup. It was my very first wedding several years ago. I had two strobe lights set up and they didn’t flash. I honestly don’t remember what happened or why they didn’t work, but I pulled out my portable strobe and I had light.

When you book your photographer for your portrait session or wedding, one question worthy of asking if whether that photographer has backup equipment. Any photographer worth their fee will say yes!

With backup gear, you won’t have to worry about your photographer missing the shot.

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