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Hi there! Welcome to my blog! As a wedding photographer in Lincoln, Omaha, throughout Nebraska and beyond, my goal with this blog is to inform and educate you with my articles. I believe you will find my articles valuable. To me, a blog isn't merely a display of photos. Rather it is informational content designed to answer your questions and help you. Browse around, have a look, and let me know your questions! I am so happy you are here, and I can't wait to chat with you about your wedding day!

Mini sessions are great photography options

Photo mini sessions One of the most popular trends in professional photography today are mini sessions. What is a mini session? Basically it’s a session to schedule with a photographer that’s shorter — half the time or even less. A session may be about 30 minutes rather than an hour or longer. The photographer will […]



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The wedding album

Some couples today don’t value wedding albums How important is a wedding album to engaged couples? My experience indicates it’s not very important. However when I listen to other wedding photographers across the country an album seems pretty important. I have been photographing weddings for seven years, and I can count on one hand how […]



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Interviewing your wedding photographer

How important is interviewing your wedding photographer Interviewing your wedding photographer is something that is sometimes done and sometimes not done. Lately, it seems that it’s not done more often than it’s done. I have been in the wedding photography business for numerous years and I have seen a shift in the practice of meeting […]

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