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Coronavirus weddings

Coronavirus Weddings

Weddings in the age of the Corona virus are going to be challenging. No one would have ever thought anything remotely like what we are experiencing would take place. Couples who got engaged and planned their weddings for the first half of 2020 were completely unaware anything like this would happen.

So what to do?

I have a few wedding photography lined up for this spring and early summer. One of the couples already has made big changes. Others are proceeding as planned, hopeful that all will work out. The couple who planned to get married on March 28 will still get married. But instead of having a big wedding they will have a small family only ceremony then will postpone the big celebration for one year.

Working with vendor during the coronavirus

One of the problems is what to do with the booked wedding vendors, like wedding photographers. I am assuming vendors are being as reasonable as possible but I can only speak for myself. If any of my clients postpone a wedding, I will cover their postponed wedding. If any of them plan a small ceremony on the assigned date then have a bigger celebration later, I will photograph both events. So what if I already have a booking on the postponed date? Well I certainly hope that doesn’t happen, and encourage couples to check with me before finalizing a new date. But if that happens all I will say is that I will have to make some decisions and possibly do some reshuffling. I will address that if and when it happens.

Rescheduling? Consider an off day

It may be difficult to get a particular venue if a wedding is to be postponed. One suggestion I would make is to choose an off day for the wedding. Maybe a Friday or a Sunday. It is more likely that the venue and the vendors you have chosen will be available on those dates. I even covered a wedding on a Thursday once, so that isn’t unheard of.

I wish all couples out there the best as they deal with these headaches, and I express my sympathies that they are going through this.

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