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New pricing structure

Lori Black Photography pricing brochureNew pricing structure

My wedding photography pricing has changed. Changed, does not necessarily mean the prices have gone up.

In fact, Lori Black Photography prices have declined. I am offering more time for the amount I was charging for my entry-level package. Now instead of eight hours, I’m offering 10 hours for that entry level fee. However, this there are some other changes to note.

I have decided to implement an ala carte program. Why did I do this? I wanted couples to be able to customize what they want in a more exact way and not be offered things they didn’t want. Couples who want less than 10 hours can choose an hourly rate.

This means that if you don’t want an engagement photo session, you don’t have to do one. Often times I have been told by couples who contact me that they don’t need or want engagement photos. Those were always part of my package. So I felt the need to adjust my price to remove an engagement session. My new structure is easier. If you want an engagement session, you add it on as an ala carte item. Likewise, if you want an extra hour of time on your wedding day, you simply buy another hour.

Prior to this ala carte program – I had three different packages. The basic difference was the number of hours. Many times brides were uncertain how many hours they needed. It’s a safe bet that brides will need more hours than they think. Offering up to 10 hours as standard should mean that most couples will have plenty of time for the photos they want.

Other items in my ala carte menu include prints and albums, a second photographer, and video offerings. For video, couples can get a full day of video for a discounted price or a short highlight video.

If you are getting married and are curious about the new pricing structure, contact me and I’ll send you my complete pricing brochure.

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