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Boudoir, bridal sessions and other photo shoot options

Daryl lies on sofa with her flowers at Suite One ElevenWhen couples hire a wedding photographer, I think many of them expect to see their photographer on one day — the wedding day.

So many more photo shoot options are available to you.

Here are a few other services you can get from your wedding photographer to get more than just wedding day coverage. All of these photo shoot options can be done quickly for not a lot of extra money.

  1. Engagement photography — this is the most common type of other service. Many couples want an engagement session before the wedding — sometimes up to a year before the wedding. This is a great way to get to know your photographer better and get some casual shots of the two of you that you can use in many ways. These engagement shots are great for “save the date” cards as well as for your guest book. Many couples are using photo books with these images for their guests to sign on the wedding day. A lot of photographers include an engagement session as part of their wedding photography package. Some, though, charge extra for it.
  2. Bridal sessions — this is a photo shoot that isn’t too common in Lincoln and the nearby areas. I have heard, though, it is very popular in some states, especially in the south. This is a session where the bride puts on her gown before or after the wedding and gets some special shots taken of herself by the photographer. So often on the wedding day there’s not much time to spend on extra photos. This type of session allows a photographer to take his or her time and get some fabulous images of the bride by herself without being rushed.
  3. Boudoir photography — Many times brides-to-be like to do a boudoir session for their soon-to-be husband. This entails a private session with a photographer in which she poses in lingerie for some sexy images. The photos can be put in a photo book that many brides like to give as a gift to their guy. Boudoir sessions can be done in a studio, in a hotel room or in the home of the photographer or subject. I have done many sessions in my home and find that works the best. These sessions can be great fun and don’t have to be scary to do.
  4. Couple sessions — Like the bridal session, this is a session done after the wedding with the bride and groom. They put on their formal wear again and pose for some photos they may not have been able to get because of a lack of time.

I suggest you consider some additional sessions with your photographer to get the photos you may not be able to get on your wedding day. You will be happy that you did.

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