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Taking photos when the weather is cold

Places to take photos when the weather is cold

We are headed into cold weather, so picture taking for me becomes more limited. When I take photos, I typically head to a nice outdoor setting. When it’s cold out, people tend not to want to spend much time outside. It’s not fun standing in freezing weather waiting for a camera to click and capture your image.

So what do you do if you want a portrait session in the winter? Here are some suggestions.

Dress warm and head to a park when it’s cold

couple with their dog stand in the snow and coldSometimes it’s best to just suck it up and head out into the cold. Wear warmer clothes and bear it. I’ve had an engagement shoot and a family session in the winter in the last two years, and the photos turned out great. You could see snow and frost in the photos, which gave them some interest. For the family shoot, we were at Pioneers Park and warmed up in the car while driving to another area of the park. Sometimes you get lucky and find a warmer than normal day where it is more tolerable.


State Capitol

I love taking pictures at the State Capitol building in Lincoln. It’s such a pretty building and has some great areas with beautiful natural light. I recently had a family shoot there because it was too cold outside and we spent most the time in a hallway with gorgeous windows that flooded the area with natural light.


Your home works great when it’s cold out

Consider photos in your own home. Is there a better place to get photos of your family than your own home setting? Granted, some homes may either be too small or not suited for whatever reason. But if possible, consider getting photos taken in your house. You can get some wonderful natural-looking pictures.

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