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Tips for your best boudoir session

Tips for your best boudoir session

woman in black dress poses for boudoir sessionDoing a boudoir session is one of my most favorite photography shoots. Boudoir is a style of photography that is personalized for each woman. I find women love these sessions because it makes them feel beautiful.

Here are some tips for preparing for a boudoir session.

Determining your outfits at your boudoir session

Try on outfits well before the shoot. Feel free to take photos of yourself in your outfits and send them to me for my advice. I’m always happy to give tips and pointers.

I recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done before the shoot. Allow at least an hour before your beauty appointment before the shoot.

If you are wondering what to wear, just ask. I have shot some lovely boudoir images with classic lingerie, t-shirts, baggy jerseys and even a cheerleader outfit. Heels and fun jewelry are always a hit, so bring as many options as you would like. I’ll help you choose what will give you the best results on camera.

The day of the appointment

Try to avoid late nights, fatty foods, chocolate and alcohol before the shoot and get plenty of sleep. For best results, drink only water for the few days leading up to the shoot so your skin looks its best.

Have your outfits and props packed in the morning so you aren’t rushing around before the session.

Pay attention to your nails and skin

We will be doing lots of poses with your hands and closeup facial shots. If you need a brow cleanup or some help to make your nails look great, don’t shy away from having a professional work their magic on you before the session.

Choosing a fun nail color can add a pop of color to your images, so think of getting a manicure as an extension of your outfit.

Try a facial mask either the night before or the morning of the shoot.

Shoes are everything in a boudoir shoot. They can add personality and sexiness to your images and will complement your outfit. From boots and stilettos to ballet flats and sneakers, I’ve seen almost everything work.

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