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Planning a wedding is all about setting priorities and in my opinion, hiring a high quality photographer and videographer to document the day is at the top of the must-have list.

Wedding photographers and videographers are expensive. Couples can spend thousands for them. Here are a couple ways to document your wedding without going broke.

1.Find a one-stop shop. Look for just one company when you go to hire a photographer and videographer. When hiring one company for photography and videography, they will often give you a break on pricing. But make sure to ask for a discount! The company might not voluntarily slash the bill so speak up.
2.Negotiate the hours. I found that many wedding photographers and videographers base their pricing on a set number of hours per day. Instead of agreeing to a 12-hour day, ask if they can offer a reduced price for eight or six hours of work. You can also ask to document just the ceremony.
3.Photo booth anyone? If you want to add a photo booth, why not do it yourself if you want to save money. Why not combine a DIY photo booth with a free photo-sharing app like WedPics? Make sure to create a sign with instructions for guests and go crazy with the props!
4.Assign a hashtag. More and more couples are creating a hash tag for their wedding. This allows people to post photos from the wedding on Instagram using that hashtag. Check out this great post on A Practical Wedding blog about crowdsourcing your wedding photos on Instagram. But don’t just limit this to the actual wedding. Include the rehearsal dinner too.
5.Get the bride’s point of view. What an interesting idea. I came across this article about a couple hiding a GoPro in the bride’s bouquet. Now this is a creative way to document the day!

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