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Do an engagement session

An engagement session is a great idea

engaged couple pose for photoEngagement photo sessions are very popular among engaged couples. Here are some good reasons why couples should do an engagement session.

You will use the photos

You will probably be using those engagement photos over and over again before your wedding day. Some people use the photos on Save the Date cards. Some clients incorporate engagement images into their wedding invitations.

In addition to stationery, some couples like to feature their engagement photos into their guest books. As guests sign their names to the books, they get a chance to look through the engagement photos.

It’s good practice

When the big day arrives, it is normal for some couples to be nervous about being in front of the camera. Having an engagement session beforehand is a great way to get to know your photographer and practice working together. You will feel more confident on your wedding day and will know what to expect when working with me.


Everything is formal at the wedding for the most part. At the engagement session, though, anything goes. Go ahead and express yourself — including your fashion taste, favorite colors, hobbies and special locations. You can show anything that is unique to you as a couple.

Feel free to incorporate props, and you can even bring your pets. It’s great when couples get creative and bring their own ideas for their engagement session.

We learn what works

A lot goes into getting that perfect shot of a couple, including angles, lighting and the right posing. All contribute to a perfect couple portrait. Sometimes, though, it takes a few tries to get the shots looking their absolute best.

An engagement shoot is the perfect way to experiment without worrying about the time constraints that a wedding brings. Once we try a few things to find your perfect look for photos, we can easily replicate it on your wedding day.

So, if you think you don’t need an engagement session, think again. I think you will be happy that you have done one.

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