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Dressing for a photo shoot

High school girl wears formal jade dress What to wear?

Dressing for a photo shoot can sometimes be the hardest part of the process. A decision needs to be made on what to wear, and sometimes people just don’t know what to do.

I have seen people wear a variety of clothing styles to my photo shoots, ranging from the casual jeans and shorts to the more formal.

I think dressing for a photo shoot should be entirely up to you, but you should still ask for guidance on colors, patterns, etc.

However, here at Lori Black Photography I am now offering something new. Girls and women who pose for me can now have a choice of formal wear for their photos.

Granted, formal dresses don’t always fit the style of photo you want. But I think there are many uses for formal dresses in photography.

Consider formal for your senior photography

girl poses in two piece dress with red skirtFor example, senior girls who want a look that is unlike most other senior photo shoots may want to consider wearing a formal gown, at least for part of the shoot. It can bring a whole new elegance to the photo shoot and give the girls a real glam look.

Engaged couples also are good candidates for formal dress during their photo shoot. Again – pure elegance.

So here is what Lori Black Photography now offers to photography clients. They can look through my collection of formal dresses and select what they want to wear for the photo shoot. I have more than 300 dresses that would look absolutely smashing for your photo shoot —  both long and short dresses.

Pick out a formal

The process starts with simply picking out a dress. Come over and look through my collection and let me know what you want to wear. Then we will go take the photos. You will receive a photo shoot unlike most others you have ever done, and you will have a lot of fun in the process.

Dressing for a photo shoot doesn’t have to be hard, and I encourage you to go formal.

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