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Tips for looking good in photos

senior girl leans against pillarIf there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of doing photography — looking good in photos is perhaps the most important thing. A picture can be perfectly lit, have the most beautiful surroundings, but if the people in the photo don’t like how they look, they won’t like the pictures.

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So, here are tips on how looking good in your photos — whether you are a bride, a groom, high school senior or a member of a family — can be a snap.

One of the biggest issues for many is their body type. Some people don’t like their bodies or they way they look. Perhaps they have a few extra pounds or a double chin.

One tip for making you look slimmer in photos is to not face the camera with your full front forward. Turn a little to the side. Put your weight on your back leg and push your back hip backwards. This will create a slimming effect and will give your body some nice curves. If you think your arms are too big, don’t have them pressed up against your side. That just makes them look even bigger. Instead, slightly bend your elbows and point the elbows to the back. Men should put their weight on their back foot and turn slightly sideways.

To accentuate a curvy waistline, don’t cover it up with your arms. Bring your arms away from your waistline so that it can be seen.

If you have a double chin or a weak jawline, don’t lift up your chin in photos. This just accentuates the neck. Also don’t look down, as it can make a double chin look worse. Here’s what you do instead. Stand straight but bring your head forward. In other words, stick your face out. Think about what a turtle does. It will feel awkward but it will give you a more defined chin and jaw line.

If you are concerned about blemished or blotchy skin, talk to your photographer beforehand. A good photographer can make you look good in post-processing.

Brides — if you want some tips on how looking good in your wedding photos, email me at I have just what you need.

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