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Choose wedding vendors carefully

A BBB flyer on wedding businessesI just participated as a vendor at a bridal show at the DC Centre in Omaha this weekend. The booth across from me was from the Better Business Bureau. My first thought was “why is the Better Business Bureau” exhibiting at a wedding show?

The answer I got from the woman made sense, and I admit was something that never occurred to me. Weddings, like everything else, are a big business. And as such, potential customers need to be careful to not get involved with the wrong business professional.

Tips from the BBB about wedding vendors

The purpose of the BBB is to protect consumers from harm, and engaged couples, like other vendors, could easily fall prey to the wrong wedding vendors.

Since many engaged couples are clients of Lori Black Photography, I thought it might be helpful to share helpful hints from the BBB that are designed to protect their interests.

  1. Watch for unexpected fees added to the bill. For example, some caterers, hotels or reception venues try to tack on extra fees for things like cutting the cake or uncorking the champagne. Before signing a contract, ask whether there are any fees beyond the cost per person, room rentals and gratuities.
  2. Many brides have complained to the BBB about bridal shops ordering the wrong sizes and colors of gowns. Before you leave the store with your dresses, try them on to make sure they fit.
  3. Some couples have complained about limousine services, such as poor customer service and rigid cancellation policies. Ask the limo company how it handles problems if you aren’t satisfied with the service.
  4. Before you hire a band or DJ, audition them. Ask who will actually perform at the reception and find out where you can hear them play before you hire them.
  5. Read the photographer’s contract carefully. A common complaint is that photographers don’t show up or wait months until after the wedding to deliver the photos. Find out beforehand how pictures will be delivered and how exactly they will be delivered.
  6. Ask a florist to create a sample arrangement for your approval before signing a contract. Also ask how the florist will handle any last-minute changes in floral arrangements.

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