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Michelle and Jason’s story


A carburetor is an odd item to credit for bringing a couple together, but in this case the car part probably can be credited. That as well as some good friends.

Michelle and Jason met each other through mutual friends. They had casually known about each other prior but had not been officially introduced. That came when Jason brought a carburetor over to some mutual friends and Michelle was there. You see Jason is really into cars and fixing cars. So carrying a carburetor was nothing unusual for him. Jason and Michelle finally got to meet officially. And in Michelle’s words “he took my breath away.”

They started getting acquainted and had a first date at Big Red Keno. They laughed and had a good time. Jason was attracted to Michelle because he could tell she was a down-to-earth farm girl and he liked that.

They continued seeing each other and Michelle says she knew he was the one for her when he told her she didn’t need to fix herself up when then went out because she was beautiful just the way she was. He says he knew she as the one after realizing  that everything they did together worked.

During a New Year’s Eve date, Jason kept asking Michelle what her New Year’s resolution was. She kept telling him she didn’t know and she didn’t know why he was asking. When he kept asking she began to get annoyed. Finally she asked what his resolution was. He told her it was to make her a happy wife. She started to tear up and didn’t know what to say. Then she heard a crack from the opening of a ring box. He asked “will you be my wife?” She answered yes.

Their wedding was a year and half later in a picturesque country church near Murdock. A lovely white building backed by a blue sky and surrounded by open fields. The sun was out and it wasn’t overly hot. It was a beautiful June day and everything proceeded without a hitch.


The couple got ready in the basement of the church along with their attendants and had their first look in the simple church sanctuary. Then it was time for pictures, and as usual there was the typical small flower girl who wouldn’t cooperate too well and sit still for photos.

The wedding was lovely. Then a big party commenced at Round the Bend Steakhouse near Ashland.

The couple is looking forward to completing some renovation work on their house and living together happily as husband and wife. They thank their good friends for helping bring them together and say without them, and the carburetor of course, this wonderful day may have never happened.




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