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New location shooting

bride stands atop a mountainChange is good for everyone sometimes, including photographers. That’s why I really enjoy shooting in new locations.

As a Lincoln, NE-based wedding and portrait photographer, sometimes it’s easy to get into a lull where I am shooting in the same places over and over. Places like Pioneers Park and Sunken Gardens are common places and still good places to take pictures.

But sometimes it’s good to have some variety. I often wrack my brain to come up with some new spots in Lincoln to take photos. And I have found some new places. But a continual change is good, so that’s why I like shooting in new locations.

This is why I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Colorado this summer to photograph some great couples in a totally new location — the mountains. We picked some selected scenic spots and I had a fabulous time truly shooting in new locations. Maroon Bell provided a picturesque backdrop for some of the photos. For other photos I traveled up a steep mountain via winding roads to get to the top of a mountain that resulted in some breathtaking views.couple hold hands and look at each other

Later this year I plan to do some more traveling to some new locations for more beautiful photos and I’m very excited.

But, back to Lincoln shooting. It’s possible to find new locations even in Lincoln and even though I have been photographing people in this city for about five years now. A new photography location doesn’t have to be obvious. Sometimes it’s as simple as your own back yard. Taking photos inside your house or in your back yard may provide some unique looks. Or maybe there is a neighborhood green space that would be a suitable location.

And of course, photographing a wedding always means shooting in new locations since the weddings are always in different venues.

If you have an idea for a new location for photos, I’m always up for new ideas, as it’s great to continue to find even more new locations.

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