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Photo-Video Fusion

Fusion between photography and video

Fusion is a cool word meaning blending two properties. It’s the term I’m using about something new I’m now doing.

I am blending photography and video into a single product that will provide both video and photos. One of my cameras allows me to shoot video in 4K ultra high-definition. Then with that video in hand, I can pull out individual frames and turn them into photographs.

The advantages of this can be great. Think about it. When you take photos, you get a shot, then you get another shot. Shooting video allows you to capture photo frames that you otherwise would not get with an individual shot.

I experimented with this photo/video fusion, as I call it, on my last shoot. I let the video run then pulled photos from the video. It worked very well. In addition to photos, I also have video that can be very useful.

My plan is to use this new style of shooting at some of my shoots. I can see value at a wedding or even at a portrait shoot. I can now offer not only photos to my clients, but a video of the shoot should they want it.

It’s an exciting concept that is available with today’s advanced cameras.

If you are interested in wedding photography or even portrait photography and don’t want to miss anything, I believe this photo/video fusion idea could be a great way to prevent the missing of an important shot.

Think about a wedding. The shot the photographer doesn’t want to miss is the kiss at the end of the ceremony. The kiss can be fleeting, and an unprepared photographer can easily miss it. Having a video camera running that allow for individual shots as well will make sure this shot isn’t missed.

I’m exciting about the possibilities for my new fusion offering.

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