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A wedding story

Couple stands by USA and Canadian flags Here’s the wedding story of Lindsay and Jordan, who come from vastly different places to find each other.

Lindsay came to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from British Columbia in Canada. Jordan was raised in a rural area near Crete, Nebraska. They met at UNL and the rest is history.

I had the privilege of photographing their small wedding ceremony at Jordan’s family acreage between Crete and Milford. It was a warm but beautiful evening on July 1, which was selected because it is Canada Day.

The couple set up simple yet elegant ceremony site near a big red barn overlooking some sloped landscape. The sun was getting lower in the sky as the ceremony began. The couple set up hay bale sofas for people to sit on after the ceremony.

On the barn were large flags – one from the USA and one from Canada. The couple’s cute little dog wore a red bow tie and participated in the ceremony.


groom holds dog during ceremony dog wears red bow tie

The mother of the bride walked the pooch down the aisle and took a seat, but the pup jumped into the groom’s arms and stayed there during the brief ceremony, presided over by a friend.

I was able to get some great photos that the couple loved.

Couple walk up a hill Jordan kisses Lindsay on the cheek Couple stands on sunny slope

After the ceremony, they had a casual dinner and socialized for awhile. In attendance were the groom’s parents from Victoria, British Columbia.

It was a great experience for me. A different yet lovely wedding that was impacted by Covid 19. Lindsay told me, however, was that they would have had a small wedding anyway regardless of Covid 19.

The night showed me that a wedding doesn’t have to be a large affair to be nice and memorable. It goes without saying that weddings in the age of Covid 19 are different, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be great events.

This one certainly was. Congratulations to Lindsay and Jordan, whose wedding story shows that coming from different backgrounds doesn’t matter when you are in love.

Lindsay and Jordan's wedding story

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