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Why boudoir?

woman in black lingerie poses for boudoir sessionBoudoir photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

Many women are interested in boudoir photo sessions. You may wonder, why boudoir? Why boudoir in Lincoln, Nebraska?

Let me give you a few reasons why women should consider doing this.

First, what exactly is boudoir photography? At Lori Black Photography, a boudoir session consists of a woman wearing multiple outfits, usually some form of lingerie. I will pose her in a variety of ways on a bed, on the floor, near a window, etc. The purpose of this shoot is to come up with some sexy and romantic images, usually for the woman’s significant other.

These images can be delivered digitally, in prints, or most popularly in the form of a photo book. This book can be a great gift to give a significant other for Valentine’s Day, for a wedding or any other occasion.

Most of my boudoir clients have been younger women in their 20s but I’ve also photographed women in their 40s.

Boudoir photography lets you explore your own beauty

Sometimes women just want a boudoir session so they can feel good about themselves and their bodies. Boudoir gives them a sense of personal well-being and empowerment. They feel sexy. Boudoir helps them express their own unique beauty.

The secret to successful boudoir photography is to make sure you have the right outfits, the right lighting and the right photographer! I have been photographing boudoir sessions for about 5 years and I can truly say it’s one of my favorite styles of photography. Admittedly, it takes a lot of work to set up a session. I do them in my home, so I have to prepare the room specifically for this purpose.

I truly believe women leave these sessions feeling great about themselves and great that they did something for themselves, even if the photos are going to be a gift for someone else.

So why boudoir in Lincoln, Nebraska? I say why not!


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