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Boudoir tips for the best session ever

woman in black dress poses for boudoir sessionBoudoir portraits need to be a positive refection of who you are. That’s why it is important for you to be prepared for your session so that you make sure you show your true and positive self through your photos.

Here are 10 boudoir tips on what you can do to have the best boudoir portraits ever.

  1. Get your hair and makeup done professionally. Your boudoir portraits are hugely important because they document your beauty and your body. Hiring a professional hair stylist and makeup artist will make sure you bring your best look out in your images.
  2. Try on your outfits before the session. If you do get some new outfits for your session, it’s important that you try them on first so the fit is right and they are comfortable. Comfort is key to getting great boudoir images.
  3. Bring lots of clothing options to your boudoir session. Consider the following: babydolls, corsets, matching bra and panty sets, bodysuits, garters and anything with lace. Lacey outfits add lots of texture and elegance to your images.
  4. Your hands will show in the images and you will have closeup facial shots. Pay attention to your eyebrows and make sure you have them cleaned up if necessary. Make sure your nails look great and consider a professional manicure. Choosing a fun nail color can really add a pop of color to your images.
  5. Shoes are everything in a boudoir shoot. They can add so much personality and sexiness to your images. They can compliment your outfits. From boots to stilettos to ballet flats and sneakers. About anything can work. Bring multiple shoe options and make sure the soles of your shoes are clean.
  6. Try a face mask. A face mask the night before your shoot can make a huge difference in the look of your skin. There is no substitute for having naturally beautiful skin and anything you can do to enhance its quality beforehand will really shine on camera.
  7. Drink lots of water beforehand. This will ensure your face looks its best. Avoiding salty foods and going for a workout will help prevent water retention in your body, giving you leaner lines.
  8. Make sure you wear a clear deodorant the day of your shoot. You will want your underarms looking clean and beautiful. Avoid wearing any tight clothing or undergarments with elastic to prevent creating any red marks on your skin.
  9. Before the shoot, try to avoid late nights, fatty foods, chocolate and alcohol. Get lots of sleep. This will help get your body and skin looking its absolute best.
  10. Have an open attitude at your shoot and be willing to try a variety of poses.

These boudoir tips will allow you to have your best boudoir session you could possibly have.

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