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Equipment is one of the biggest expenses of a photographer. Equipment includes camera, lenses, various accessories, software and computers.

In this blog post I want to talk about one of the newest pieces of equipment obtained by Moments in Time Images. It’s called the DJI Osmo. This is a small hand-held camera with a built-in gimbal stablilizer and is one of the newest ways to shoot video. This stabilizer allows any user to hand-hold the camera, move around and capture perfectly smooth video.

Imagine if you want to capture video while moving without such a stabilizer. You are holding the camera in your hand and moving around. Your hands obviously will not be totally still. There will be some shake. You watch the video and it’s jerky. It moves in ways you don’t want it to move. That is the importance of a gimbal stabilizer.

Other than the stabilizer, the best thing about the DJI Osmo is you can easily hold it in your hand. It weighs just ounces. Yet it takes fabulous video, including high definition 1080p resolution to ultra high-definition 4K video. There is practically no setup time. You turn it on and you are pretty much ready to shoot.

Other stabilizers take time to set up, balance and get ready to shoot. Often photographers and videographers don’t have a lot of time. We have to go with the flow and possibly be ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.
The DJI Osmo will allow Moments in Time Images videographers to grab it and go with the flow. We will be able to shoot video smoothly while walking, running or driving.

We think this piece of equipment will allow us to shoot even better video of all types. If you are looking for video of your wedding or other event, call Moments in Time Images. We have the tools to provide the images you need.

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