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Happy couples

Happy couples in love

Happy couple gets marriedOne of the best parts of wedding photography is seeing happy couples.

I had another opportunity this past weekend to see a couple find their happiness. Here is their story, as much as I know about it.

Angie and Nick met in a way that I had heard about but that’s about it. I had never met anyone who had met at This is a dating website for farmers to meet potential dating partners.

When I first met Angie and Nick last year they told me right away this is how I met. I found it great because I had always seen the Farmers Only commercials on TV and found them a little hokey. It was nice to see that it really worked. Nick was from this area while Angie was from the Kansas City area. She moved to the Lincoln area to pursue her relationship with Nick. Angie has a daughter, and they are pursuing proceedings for Nick to adopt her.

Their wedding was last Sunday at Nick’s parents’ farm in rural Raymond. Guests sat on hay bales. The scene was next to a lovely pond. The weather, though a little warm, was great. After guests were seated the women traveled to the site on a hay wagon, and a simple yet elegant ceremony followed. They each wrote their own vows, and Angie teared up a little while reading her vows.Bride tears up during her vows

Bride's daughter at weddingAngie’s daughter gave a vow as well, calling Nick “Daddy,” and it was a very touching scene. Nick wore red, the color of the wedding, and bluejeans. Angie wore a traditional bridal gown with cowboy boots.

The reception was in their barn, which was perfectly set up and had a doorway where guests could look out and see the beautiful sunset.

Nick and Angie laughed a lot, had a great time and were obviously very happy. Best wishes to them as they settle into their new lives.

It is very nice to see happy couples.

Happy couples enters the reception


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