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Senior Portraits

It’s time to schedule those senior portraits

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The summer is over for Lincoln area students. For those now in their senior year of high school, it’s time to start thinking about those senior portraits.

Senior portraits are one of my favorite kinds of photography. I just love meeting these young people and learning about their interests and endeavors. I find they are very interested in expressing their personality through their senior portraits, which makes taking their pictures even more fun.

When I take senior portraits, I try to find out a little about the senior and their favorite places to go. That can give me suggestions on where to take photos. For example, last year I took photos of a senior at Camp Kitaki,where she spent much of her summer working with children.

If you are a senior this year, I encourage you to think about places that reflect your personality or show who you are. That might be a tall challenge, but I think if you do so you will appreciate your photos that much more. What are some of your hobbies and interests? Are you into sports? Do you like to swim? We can incorporate these things into your senior photos. A few years back I photographed a girl who played softball in a small town, so we went to her community softball field and got some photos of her with the ball and bat.

I’m an advocate of doing these sorts of photos, but they don’t have to be all we do. I feel important to also get some classic shots in a pretty setting. So we can do that too.

Most of my clients have had their senior photos taken in the fall, and with fall fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about getting them scheduled. I have some openings in my calendar and welcome your inquiries into scheduling a time for your senior portraits.

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