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Some tips for seniors

Now is the time many high school seniors are having their portraits taken. This activity is a rite of passage.

Most seniors do their photos in the summer or early fall. In Lincoln, the school system has a deadline for yearbook photos, so most  have their portraits taken to correspond to that deadline. The deadline is generally at the end of October. So, needless to say — September and October will be a busy time for me at Moments in Time Images as well as other photographers.

If there is no yearbook deadline involved, these photos can be taken really anytime. I suggest seniors do it during their favorite season. Fall is always great because of the fall colors. But I suggest choosing the time that allows

senior girl holding dogthem to express their personality, wear their favorite types of clothing and choose their favorite locations. Fall is a great time for sweaters, jeans, boots and scarves. Seniors wanting to wear something else should choose a different season. Choose the spring or summer if sundresses and shorts are desired.

Senior photos are one of my most favorite types of portraits. I love meeting young people and hearing about their lives. And I find these students are wanting to express themselves in their photos, and expressing themselves can lead to some great photos.

When choosing a location, consider

the surroundings. Does this location have special meaning? Does the senior want a lot of color in their photos? I love taking photos at Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, but so does everyone else. It’s a common setting and won’t always provide a unique look to senior portraits. Still, it’s a great place for lots of color in the summer and fall. Urban settings can be fun as well, if that fits the senior’s personality.

I hope I provided a few tips that will be helpful as seniors get those portraits taken.



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