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A video about wedding video

I wanted to share a video I made about video. Wedding video that is. I’ve been thinking a lot about wedding videography, and wondering if it is less popular than it used to be. I run into so many brides who say they aren’t doing video and don’t give it much thought at all. I know weddings cost a lot and video is just another expense that adds to the cost. Many couples today see it as something that’s not necessary. Well, when you think about it, few things purchased for weddings are necessary. Do you really need that limo to take you from the ceremony to the reception?

Photography is seen as one of those essentials at a wedding. People want to have pictures — still pictures. But many don’t care about moving pictures. I think that’s too bad, and that’s coming from someone who does photography as well as video. Photos are fun to look at after the wedding, but the video is even more fun. It lets you relive the day completely — the sites and sounds. You get to hear the vows again. As I say in my video here, without it you’ll never again hear your wedding vows.

I think many couples decide against video because they say they’ll never watch it. I guarantee you they will watch it at least once after they get it. And that one time will make it worth the money. Couples will likely see events from the day that they didn’t actually see in person. They will remember things that they forgot about or didn’t notice. As I always say, the day goes by in a blur. Videography is a living¬†memory of the day that you can never get back again.

When you think about it this way, I don’t see why couples would say no to video.

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