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Fashion for 2016 weddings

Round table showing vintage fashion trendsIf you are attending a wedding in 2016 notice the fashion. You will see brides showing off a vintage style in their attire and decorations. Gowns will have sleeves, higher necklines or two pieces.

Today’s wedding gowns have higher necklines and sleeves, a vast difference from the dominant strapless gowns popular for many years. White gold continues to be the popular metal for rings, but yellow gold is making a comeback.

Hydrangeas are increasingly popular for wedding bouquets. Mason jars, burlaps and shepherd’s hooks are popular decorations.

The vintage look is popular in in demand for women’s wedding jewelry. One of the major fashion trends for brides this year are bridal gowns with higher necklines or sleeves. An emergence of separates is becoming stylish as well. Designers have created a variety of mix and match bodices and skirts for brides to create their own designs.

Gown fashion brings different styles

For many years we saw strapless gowns and that is about it. From delicate illusions, embroidered lace to detachable boleros, many options are available for brides to find the design that is so flattering and stylish.

While bridal trends are evolving, classic styles such as lace will always be chic, classy and timeless.

Men have many design choices. For years grooms were suited only in black tuxedos, but now tailored suits in navy and gray are the rage.

Veils will be popular with most brides, but many women want another decorative piece in their hair after they remove their veil. Boho headbands, jeweled combs, feather fascinators and delicate birdcages are trending this season.

Custom rings continue to be the trend in jewelry. Everyone wants their rings that are different. Jewelers can take an existing ring and tweak it to be what the customer wants.

White gold remains the dominant metal but more are taking another look at yellow gold. It has been a trend in the fashion industry with Hollywood stars wearing it more and more. Palladium is a newer metal that has the same durability as platinum but is hypoallergenic.

Jewelry fashion includes stacking

Another trend in rings is “stacking.” Brides are choosing two to three unique wedding bands and stacking them together with their engagement ring. Some are even mixing metals to have a unique look.
Wedding bouquets as well as table centerpieces continue to feature hydrangeas of multiple colors as well as peonies. Other popular products include mason jars, burlap and shepherd’s hooks to obtain what he called an “urban chic” look. The social website Pinterest influences many brides as to how they want their wedding to look.

Finding a use for birch wood is popular as well. Some are using birch boxes in their decorating.
Overall, today’s couples want a simpler more casual look to their weddings. That doesn’t mean that weddings are less elaborate. On the contrary, they are more elaborate than ever before with decorations and lighting.

When it comes to accessories, vintage jewelry and pale colors will be the rage. Many brides want their jewelry to have a tarnished look even if it is new.

Pale colors are sought because they bring a softer look to the wedding. Look for crochet lace to be big as well. Fancy clutch purses and hairpieces are in style as are headbands with a gem look to them.

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